What To Know Before You Work With A Cleaning Service

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At Cleanest Management Services, when special professional services are required, we take the worries away from our customers as the below-listed concerns point out. Concerns you should worry about when special services are required such as floor stripping and sealing or carpet cleaning.

Contracting out to third parties carpet services where you would have no ideas of the following concerns:

  1. Licensed, Bonded, or Certified
  2. Trained by professionals.
  3. Knowledge of cleaning products.
  4. Quality of cleaning products.
  5. Are they capable of removing allergens?
  6. Are they reliable and can be trusted.
  7. Do they stand behind their services? Are there any guarantees?
  8. How long have they been with the company?
  9. How long have they been in business?
  10. Do they have the products if you want to do green cleaning.
  11. Do they have the expertise to discuss the benefits of standard or green cleaning.
  12. Do they understand the benefits of shampooing new carpets.
  13. Check with entities such as the BBB and the chamber of congress to see if they have any complaints or a poor reputation.
  14. Are they insured?
  15. Certain stains may not come out dependent on the length of time they set into the carpet before they were attended to such as wine, grease, or blood.
  16. Manufacture they get it from.

Floor Care Stripping and Sealing:

  1. Tile floor, vinyl floor, and wood floors require different products appropriate for the surface they are applied to.
  2. High traffic areas like hallways, bathrooms, and cafeterias require more frequent applications.
  3. Floors should be cleaned before they are scrubbed and sealed, as well as cleaned again before sealer is applied to prevent any debris being on the finished and polished floor.
  4. The more coats of sealer applied the more it will provide for greater longevity of the appearance and protection.
  5. Sealers for stone are specialized and should be applied when no employees are present. Proper ventilation is vital because of stronger smells.

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